Bahía 22

Bahía 22 is a family retreat. Conceived as an elevated village, the home will provide three distinct bedroom groupings for a growing family of five. Connected by a single roof, the ground floor serves as a common ground where family social interaction can take place. 

The large, low-e and insulated, glass façade will provide vantage points of near and far tropical landscapes surrounding this home. Meanwhile, exterior, and semi-enclosed gardens will provide outdoor areas of interest and contemplation.


Rio Grande, PR





Key team members

Edmundo R. Colón, ASLA AIA – Principal in Charge Edmundo Colón Arizmendi, PE – Senior Civil Engineer María Isabel Brunet, AIT – Designer, PM Jennifer Solla, LAIT – Designer Dinisha Blas, EIT – Designer Jureily Pastrana, AIT – Designer


Luis Gutierrez, AIA – Architect/PM Jose A. Espinal, PE – Structural Engineer José Sánchez, PE – Mechanical Engineer Leonardo Vidal, PE – Electrical Engineer